Litmus Services

LITMUS is a global consulting firm specializing in solutions that span the entire biopharmaceutical life-cycle adapted for large, medium, and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. LITMUS offers an unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities to meet and exceed the most demanding business objectives while optimizing limited resources.
LITMUS provides clients worldwide with a broad portfolio of innovative business solutions such as:
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    Clinical Site Management

    • Budgeting and contracting
    • Site and investigator identification and selection
    • Subject recruitment, compliance, and retention

    Clinical Trial Solutions

    • Ancillary study manuals design and development
    • Central IRB selection and submissions
    • Clinical monitoring plan design and development
    • ICF template development and review
    • Investigational brochure design and development
    • Investigational product sourcing and logistics
    • Protocol design and development
    • Safety and endpoint committee charters design and development
    • TMF development and maintenance (central and investigative site files)

    Continuous Quality Improvement

    • Business process reengineering
    • SOP design, development, and reengineering (e.g., clinical, data management, investigational product, quality assurance, regulatory)

    Data Management

    • CRF/eCRF development
    • Data analysis and review services
    • Data entry services
    • Data management plan design and development
    • Source document template design and development

    Human Capital

    • Benefits management
    • Diversity
    • Employee relations
    • Ethics and sustainability
    • Labor relations
    • Organizational development
    • Talent management
    • Training and development (front-line to C-Suite; hard and soft skills)

    Investigative Site Relations

    • Investigator meetings (i.e., initial and mid-study)
    • Study communications (e.g., memos, newsletters, webinars)

    Medical Affairs

    • Expert opinion leader referrals
    • Medical monitoring services

    Medical Writing

    • Clinical study reports
    • Multi-functional plans and charters

    Project Management

    • Project plans
    • Resource planning and allocation
    • Risk assessment and management

    Quality Assurance

    • Audit plan design and development
    • Clinical trial file and document audits
    • Investigational site audits
    • Vendor audits

    Regulatory Affairs

    • Ministry of Health/Ethics Committee/IRB submissions
    • Regulatory compliance and document management

    Safety and Surveillance

    • SAE identification, management, tracking, and reporting
    • Safety monitoring plan design and development

    Vendor Selection

    • Contract negotiation services
    • RFP process management (e.g., drug packaging, EDC, IXRS)
    • Vendor management services

      We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients customized solutions to meet their demanding business needs.

      We offer integrated business solutions, under the respected LITMUS brand. Consistently striving to be among the most admired and trusted research partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; LITMUS inspires to remain “absolutely” focused on the highest ethical and professional standards and the needs of our clients and communities.


      LITMUS, a multi-disciplinary and cross functional team with decades of combined domestic and international experience gives us a bench strength to compete even in the most demanding and challenging conditions. At LITMUS, we understand how business gets done around the world. Our exceptional measurable outcomes-based approach is cemented in the following six value drivers: 

      • Expedited pharmaceutical and biomedical device development to commercialization
      • Improved reliability
      • Improved visibility
      • Increased operational efficiency
      • Reduced cost of doing business
      • Reduced client risk

DOSE2, simple tool, outstanding results
      . DOSE2 is a LITMUS engineered tool used to manage through complexity and uncertainty along a continuum of time. DOSE2 also gives us the power to harness innovation in the midst of ambiguity. Whether large or small, we tackle complexity and uncertainty head-on giving your team a competitive advantage.

Your business needs + DOSE2 = Outstanding Results

      By choosing
      as your research partner, your company can leverage our unwavering passion; scientific, clinical, and business expertise; and worldwide network of relationships to meet your business strategies well within aggressive timelines and budgetary constraints. LITMUS will be with you every step of the way to deliver outstanding results.

      To find out how we can assist you in leveraging resources against saturated project pipelines contact us at: